These are the 20 color trends for 2023 that should be on your design radar

The biggest color trends for 2023 to help you curate a happy home

A earthy terracotta sofa and light blue rug
(Image credit: Studio DB)

Color trends for 2023 are all about how color can make you feel. It's about using positive and uplifting tones that impact your mood every time you walk into a new room. Get brave with wall paint, take chances with statement pieces of furniture, and don't hold back. 2023 is your time to unleash your personality on your interiors. 'It's time for neutral interiors to take a backseat.' ays Tulsa-based interior designer, Justice Quinn. 'Bold colors and prints need to express themselves and 2023 is the year for it.'

At the same time, we are also seeing a spectrum of new neutrals take to the fore - think earthy browns, mushroom grey tones and beige in all its hues. 'There is something inherently human in the colors that we are attracted to now,' says Joa Studholme, Farrow & Ball’s color curator, reflecting on the upward trend in earthy neutrals. Read on for our pick of the colors that will be bucking interior design trends for the year ahead.

1. Pistachio

Pistachio bedroom

(Image credit: Katherine Lu. Design: Carter Williamson)

Pistachio is packing a punch at the moment, with the trend for deep, forest greens moving paler into delicate sage greens and this gentle tone of pistachio. Its retro connotations make it a happy and positive shade, and strips this green of any coldness. 'We have seen a movement to green within recent years. Dark green has been the star of the show, but a further transition to softer, gentle greens like pistachio will be the next evolution of this trend,' says paint expert of British paint company, Little Greene (opens in new tab), Ruth Mottershead. 'Pistachio provides soft sophistication - it contains complex pigmentation, significantly more than just blue and yellow, adding to its allure.'

We love the color as it is used here by Carter Williamson Architects (opens in new tab), perfect in the bedroom, bringing softness and serenity to the space, and warmed up with a classic pink and green combination.

2. Mushroom grey

A mushroom tones room

(Image credit: Broste Copenhagen)

Keep your eyes peeled for mushroom grey making waves in 2023. A warmer counterpart to traditional grey, with warm undertones, it's one of the colors that's trending, with its roots in nature.

'2023 will be the year of the earth-tones,' says Romina Tina Fontana, principal at Quebec-based interior design firm, Fontana & Company (opens in new tab). 'In particular, look for mushroom grey to dominate. The movement towards organic hues reflects a collective yearning for calm, quiet and cozy environments. In particular, an earth-tone living room can soothe the soul unlike anything else.'

Stirabout by Farrow & Ball (opens in new tab)
Paint idea

Stirabout by Farrow & Ball (opens in new tab)

One of Farrow & Ball's 11 new shades for 2022, Stirabout has a mushroom feel to it. Inspired by the porridge the color of a homely bowl of nurturing porridge, Stirabout is an earthy tone with just a hint of grey.

3. Rust

A rust curtain in a living room

(Image credit: Nicolas Schimp. Design: Labscape Studio)

We love rust for its combination of earthiness and decadence, harking back to the dominance of jewel-tone colors we saw trending last year. 'Rust red has the values of three colors put together, the strength of red, the stability of brown, and the energy of orange, is capable to softens the space making it cozy and welcoming.' says Tecla Tangora of Labscape Architecture and Design (opens in new tab), the firm behind this project where a rust colored curtain cuts through what otherwise would be a simple and minimalist living room. The result is a warm living room that is beckoning and inviting.

4. Silver and gold

Silver and gold are colors that are making waves in the kitchen

(Image credit: Studio DB)

Look to materials as well as paint to bring color into your home, and embrace the opulence brought by a touch of silver and gold. Look to brass or nickel accessories, glass light fixtures or even stainless steel in the kitchen. With a natural sheen, these materials can reflect and augment other colors in the room and add that touch of luxury that we're looking for in our lives.

5. Jade

jade sink tiles in a modern bathroom with gold mirror

(Image credit: Bert and May)

Touches of this jewel tone are popping up in interiors across the world. Pale blues and greens inspired by the natural color of the gem itself are increasingly popular and can be applied to both tranquil and striking aesthetics depending on how it is used. 

'Jade works well as the lead color in a modern bedroom or bathroom,' comments Ruth Webber, the Creative Director at Bert & May (opens in new tab). 'It has an air of coastal chic and pairs well with neutrals and terracotta for an understated scheme.'

6. Honeyed tones

yellow tiles in a wet room

(Image credit: Bert and May)

'We have noticed a growing popularity for muted, pastel colors,' states Clara Ewart, interior designer, and Head of Design at Kitesgrove. 'Soft pastels are versatile and easy to incorporate in a myriad of schemes. Earthy yellow and orange tones are not only easy to style but feel incredibly current.'

Injecting small pops of the color initially can help build confidence before adding it to the wall. In modern bathrooms and kitchens, matching tonal shades on the tiles and walls brings cohesion to the space. 

7. Lavender

lavender entryway leading to a pink living room

(Image credit: Mylands)

Our love for purple is back again, with paint brand Mylands (opens in new tab) claiming that searches for lilac is up by 33 percent on its website, not to mention WGSN’s prediction of Digital Lavender being the color of the year for 2023. 

Seen across fashion and interiors, shades of purple have previously been associated with wealth and royalty and, while many might associate it with a traditional interior scheme, designers are incorporating it into fresh, contemporary aesthetics bringing a new dynamic to the color.

8. Magenta pink

Magenta arm chair

(Image credit: Covet House)

Some are calling it ‘Barbiecore’, but hot pinks have been working their way back into homes for a while, with our love for maximalist interiors increasing and social media instilling confidence into homeowners to experiment more with their color choices. This slow increase in interest culminated in Pantone's Color of the Year going to bright magenta. 

This shade makes a strong statement when used as the main color in a room, but if you aren’t sure about using it on the walls, try it on smaller areas such as woodwork, kitchen cabinetry or even a front door to introduce characterful color without dominating the space. In terms of accessories and decor, go for a sofa cushion in the color or a bright bedspread to add a little intrigue to a room.

9. Green and orange combined

green and orange kitchen

(Image credit: Colors of Arley)

Green has been a firm favorite in the home for several years, however, there are certain shades which are increasing in popularity such as pine, pistachio, and all the colors that go with sage greens. While green works well on its own, pairing it with orange is bringing interior schemes to life and adding a playfully retro feel to the space. 

As seen in this kitchen, with fabrics by Colors of Arley (opens in new tab), this color combination injects energy and brings fun, happiness and vitality to the home. 'Don’t forget to refer to the 60-30-10 rule when you’re decorating to ensure you achieve balance,' advises Louisa Tratalos, the founder of Colors of Arley. 'For example, opt for 60% of the room in green, 30% in your chosen orange and 10% in an accent, such as a soft cream to allow the main colors to do the talking.'

10. Warm beige

beige bedroom with red bedhead

(Image credit: Lick x Soho Home)

Our love for neutrals has returned, especially in bedroom trends, as it helps create a restful ambiance and a sanctuary to escape in. Warm and earthy creams work well paired with soft terracotta or deep red tones, adding depth to the room. 

Remember, with neutral schemes, layers of texture bring tactility and interest to create a distinguished feel within the space. 

11. Dark chocolate brown

brown living room with brown chair

(Image credit: Edward Bulmer)

Yes, brown is back. And it’s looking better than ever! With brown often perceived as drab or boring, designers and stylists are helping us to view the color in a new light. Bringing an earthy, yet sophisticated, tone to any interior, brown living rooms are full of drama. 

“Being polychromatic, brown goes with everything but in deeper hues it is particularly good at flattering beautiful, well-drawn patterns. I would even suggest that more people will find how useful brown is as a wall paint in support of clever colors in the artworks and furnishings,” says Edward Bulmer when discussing the brands own color, London Brown (opens in new tab). “It puts everything else in a good light. It is strong and warm but somehow respectful to other colors regardless of weight or shade. I love its sophistication and I feel it might just be time for deep browns to enjoy a well-deserved resurgence!”

12. Deep red

red living room

(Image credit: Graphenstone)

Deep, earthy reds are having a revival thanks to the intensity of hues from paint experts such as Graphenstone (opens in new tab). A brand new color for the brand, the Carnelian shade by Graphenstone has an opulence which elevates any interior and works exceptionally well with period features and detailing. 

Paired here with two different colors: Old Lilac for a soothing and comforting atmosphere or Cerulean Blue for a bolder, vivid, and striking statement. When combined with complementing colors, reds such as this work well in a variety of spaces and rooms. 

13. Paprika

orange mudroom with striped cushions

(Image credit: Paint and Paper Library)

The terracotta trend morphs into paprika, and we are glad it’s here to stay. This year, think of vibrant versions of the color to really make your home stand out. 

Blending different shades of paprika together creates a beautifully tonal look and, when set against neutral fabrics and linens, it comes together in a cohesive, sophisticated aesthetic. Caravan 453 by Paint & Paper Library is a gorgeous option for this style and brings the room to life. 

14. Sunlit Yellows with Black Accents

yellow kitchen with black chairs

(Image credit: Little Greene)

With yellows firmly on trend for 2023, pairing brighter tones of the color with black accents in a monochromatic style is a great way to embrace the look. 

Colors such as yellow are helping to bring joy and happiness into the heart of the home. Matt black fixtures, fittings and furniture allows the color to pop, as shown here with Giallo 337 by Little Greene (opens in new tab).  

15. Warm summery tones

Pink bedroom with plaster effect walls and striped bed linen

(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

There has been a rise in uplifting shades this year (unsurprisingly). Yellows, tangerines, pale purples and baby pinks, which once may have sounded a bit saccharine are all seeping into interiors in a very sophisticated, grown-up way. In their more muted forms there are in fact surprisingly liveable shades even when used on four walls. 

'There are several colors that stand out to me, when I think of upcoming trends for 2022, and these include pinks, oranges, lavenders, purples, and greens.' says designer and master of color Yinka Ilori (opens in new tab).  'Many of us have struggled to experience a proper summer, or to go on holiday this year, so people are tending to opt for richer tones that inject positivity and warmth into their homes - bringing that summer feeling inside. As an artist, I’ve always loved color and I’m glad to see how people are using it more and more to enrich their home environments.'

16. Rich blues

Blue living room with navy blue sofas and lighter blue walls

(Image credit: Soho Management London Ltd)

Blue comes into color trends every year, just taking a slightly different form. It's such a grounding, a familiar color that there's so surprise we are drawn to it year after year, and this year it's deep blues that are looking to be the most on-trend. And it's about really embracing the darker shades, not just bringing it into a neutral space with furniture, or a feature wall but going all over with an inky shade to create a dramatic and cocooning room.

'The boldness and warmth found in blue will continue to be prominent in our homes. Darker colors form a much better background for paintings and artworks than white, which art galleries and museums have discovered.' says Martin Waller, Founder of Andrew Martin (opens in new tab). 'Having painted a room blue, it may take time to accustom yourself to the look. You're likely to be horrified. People find it difficult to cope with change. Leave it for a week and your feelings will alter. I suspect you won't hate it and if you do, repainting isn't that difficult. If you are still hesitant, start your transformation in a cloakroom or small bedroom, since richer colors work well in such spaces, despite the accepted wisdom that white paint makes a room seem larger.'

17. Deep jewel shades

purple room

(Image credit: Little Greene)

Dark and stormy is still up there when it comes to color trends. This time used
on staircases, feature windows or woodwork to bring elegant definition to a space. A deep plum or black with a red undertone makes for a warmer and more striking alternative to the popular deep charcoal greys and blue-blacks. It adds warmth to cooler palettes, and pairs beautifully with pink and nude tones. 

18. Baby pinks paired with teal greens

Pink and green kitchen

Kitchen by deVOL (opens in new tab)

(Image credit: deVOL)

The unusual color pairing that is hot pink and forest green is unmissable seen everywhere right now across walls, homeware and even daringly kitchens like this viral kitchen combination. Green and pink are complementary colors as they sit opposite each other on the traditional color wheel and enhance each other and are far less contrasting than green and red.

Find more colors that go with pink in our expert color pairing guide. 

19. Neutral stone hues 

sophisticated monochrome living room scheme

(Image credit: Future/ Jake Curtis / Alyce Taylor)

'The neutral trend continues subtly away from cold greys and traditional creams, towards warmer neutral stone tones. This trend is all about creating warm cocooning spaces that feel intimate, inviting and familiar with consumers embracing warmer, more natural colors.' explains Ruth Mottershead, Creative Director at Little Greene.

'Earthy, stonier tones alongside soft welcoming greens are becoming increasingly popular, providing a restful alternative to cooler choices. These gentle neutrals can be used in all areas of the home adding warmth as well as a sophisticated, complementary canvas for fabrics, wallcoverings, and furnishings from all genres.'

20. Bold hued furniture

neutral living room with red chair

(Image credit: Future / Damien Russel)

If bright colors spark joy for you - but going bold on the walls feels too much - choose strong colors on furniture pieces instead. This is a really easy way to create impact without color overpowering the space. 

A color that we love right now, and is back a sure comeback this year, is a primary red. It's bright but the clean notes in the red makes it feel vintage and therefore timeless amongst modern interiors.

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