What's the best couch for a minimalist living room? Our shopping editor picks the 12 calming couches to buy now

Get the minimalist look in your living room with any of these beautiful couches

A minimalist sofa
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To get the perfect sofa to complement your minimalist scheme, you want a statement piece of furniture that is calming, simple and beautifully crafted. 'When minimalism is done well, it feels warm and friendly, and with a sofa, this can be achieved with clean lines, nice textured fabrics, and soft detailed edges,' says Kashi Shikunova of YAM Studios. 

To find the perfect minimalist living room furniture piece to work in a minimalist room, we've scoured the web and found these 12 couches from the best home decor stores that would slot in perfectly. 

12 minimalist couches to bring a sense of calm to your living room

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What to look out for in your minimalist sofa

If you're looking for pieces of minimalist decor and furniture for your living room, look to the core principals of this design ethos to influence what you buy. At Norm Architects, minimalism is about a holistic approach to the home, and the company has dedicated 15 years to the development of soft minimalism. 'This balances richness with restraint, order with complexity, and simplicity with depth to arrive at harmonious outcomes of enduring relevance. Rational architecture becomes poetic, minimalist furniture acquires softness and nature-inspired aesthetics invoke touch,' says Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen (opens in new tab), founder of Copenhagen’s Norm Architects, who practices soft minimalism. So how do we apply this ethos to sofa buying?

'In minimalism, small details are very important as there is nowhere to hide, and having a sofa which is simple but beautifully crafted is important,' says Kashi Shikunova (opens in new tab) of YAM Studios. For a minimalist living room, look to something that is warm, with clean lines and prioritizes texture. The sofa proportions have to work with the space too. 'If the space is very big is good to go for a large deep modular sofa so it feels well proportionate with the space. When space is small, better to go for a narrower 2-3 seater so it doesn't overpower the space,' recommends Kashi.

'Comfort is important to consider, for example, low sofas do look good but a seat height below 380mm might feel uncomfortable for many people. There are many stunning minimalist sofas that have a comfortable seat height where look and comfort work together in harmony.'

When it comes to the fabric itself, look to something that is simple in color, and unfussy. 'Consider a sofa upholstered in a single fabric without unnecessary embellishments such as trims, piping, or fringes,' says Irene Gunter (opens in new tab), co-founder of Gunter & Co who designed the below scheme. 'Minotti (opens in new tab) is a great option for modern sofas with clean lines; one of my favorites is the Seymour sofa. Alternatively, look for a curved design, such as the iconic Holly Hunt Serpentine sofa designed by Vladimir Kagan (opens in new tab), who is widely considered one of the greatest designers of all time.'

A minimalist curved white sofa

(Image credit: Mary Wadsworth. Design: Irene Gunter, Gunter & Co)
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